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Fastest and Slowest ever Wednesday players?

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1 hour ago, DJMortimer said:

I'm sure I once went down the Kop steps for a pie when Andy Booth was played in behind the defence and when I was going back up he still hadn't got to the ball yet. He was like a fully loaded articulated lorry chugging up Granville Road.

I once took a non Wednesday mate to a game. Think it was midweek against Wimbledon. I got a free ticket with my season ticket. Booth got out through and the defense just swallowed him up, my mate turns to me and asked if Booth was running backwards. 

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Slo Mos


Iain Hesford

Julian Watts

Miguel Liera 

Rob Jones

Guy Branston


Chris Sedgewick

Steve McCall

Chris Marsden

Joey Pellupessy

Adthe Nuhiu

Adam Proudlock


Greased Lightnings


Brad Jones


Roland Nilsson

Jeremy Helan

Des Walker

Emerson Thome



Mark Chamberlain

Liam Palmer

Marc Degryse

Paul Warhurst

Dalian Atkinson






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Richard Walden (remember him) moved at the same rate as evolution, not only was he slow but his reaction time was in brackets, a player could go past him and it would take him 3 seconds to realise it, before setting off at a pace akin to a bulldozer.

JJ had a turn of speed (unfortunately not faster than a speeding bullet)

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Serious question, is this with ball at feet or just out and out sprint? 
Sterland always gave the impression he was a flying full back but that could have been his hair flailing in the wind! Curran for me with ball at his feet, great control at speed, Willie Henderson quick too (but never sure if he was running in the right direction)
I seem to remember Harold Wilcockson being slow, and there was always Kenny “custard muscles” Burton in this category who always seemed to be puffing like a steam engine in the warm up! (Such as warm ups were in the 70’s)

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43 minutes ago, ItzzOwl said:

Royston Drenthe was pretty quick when we had him on loan. 

Bang on...I was trying to remember his name.


When he came on as a sub he just used to run most of the length of the pitch flying past the opposition players.


JJ-A-Train on compound V


Slowest-Sedgewick (we had a line-up of old crocks that couldn't run for years...although the completely ruined pitch could have made it look worse)

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I think we have had one or two fast young wingers in last 30 years that didn’t make great players but were very quick. 

Des Hazel ? 

I’m sure there is one more. Memory isn’t what it used to be. 

Edit : Kiwomya ?????

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