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He was terrible the last time he referreed us. Remember googling him to see if he was real or just someone who'd won a competition to referee a game. 


Get ready for a bitty game, lots of unnecessary free kicks and some baffling decisions. 

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I remember that video of him miked up during his final A-League game doing the rounds on social media a couple of years back. Thought he was great with the communication with players and was kind of excited to see a referee that seemed to explain things and keep players in check joining the Championship.


In reality the bloke is useless. I'm wondering if maybe the speed of the game is just that bit faster and he simply can't keep on top of it... not even physically, just perceptually. 

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5 hours ago, oldishowl said:

26 championship games 

3 at Hillsborough 

why should we have to put up with him 

Because the EFL like giving us as much crap as possible while good old boro get the chance to open their gates on Saturday to a limited number of supporters, bent as fooook.

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