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Guest The Horse
4 minutes ago, happy bunny said:

This is unexpected, there was so much negativity... from a handful of posters on here spamming the board with short-sighted bile.


Fixed it ever so slightly for you!

Look, we're not going to win every game.

Big test on Saturday.

But so long as we can see they're giving their all, we should be content.

There's SO MUCH damage to repair.

It's going to take a few more windows yet.

But the culture has changed for the better already.

Get behind that and everything else will fall into place in time.

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We’re going to surpass all expectations this season. Early signs are good that this squad have the mental strength to overcome that 12 points deficit and prosper.


Well done to all at SWFC. Keep it up lads. The fans are with you all the way if you keep trying your best, nobody can ask for more. No foot off the pedal like we saw last season please.

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31 minutes ago, The_Limit_Owl said:

Would anybody agree that mistakes have been learned by the club hierarchy?


I know it's early days but the culture seems to be much more positive.

I think we are still a bit wary of the way D.C. runs our club , he needs to change his ways and learn from past mistakes , just like anyone else .

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57 minutes ago, A12owl said:

And the right(wronguns) players have left. 


I don’t know anything about that and I doubt you do either , I don’t deal with speculation just on my own instinct and it was clear to all we needed to change big time . I have to say the players that have left recently all contributed in our run ups to the play offs for me . 

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