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Windass really looking good

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12 minutes ago, hugeowl said:

Some of us thought he was good last season 

just sayin 

Absolutely. I really don’t know why there was such an underwhelming feeling on this forum about signing him permanently. He’s a different type of player to anything we have and he’s very capable of playing the number 10 position. His movement off the ball is really clever and he’s excellent on the ball. Methinks he’s a confidence player who just needs to feel wanted to thrive. Paul Cook clearly didn’t want him at Wigan but that’s just our gain. 
Right age, right attitude just need the right partner. 

BTW I was also happy with the Kachunga signing. Lost his way at Hudds but so did Bannan at Palace. Sometimes you just need a new club and a different challenge. Optimistic. 

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11 minutes ago, BIG D said:

I’ll admit I wasn’t fussed about him re-signing. Thought he flattered to deceive a bit. Reminded me of Ryan Lowe and by that I mean he has a good football brain but didn’t quite have the ability to carry things off. 
Great start to season. Not seen his goal tonight but took his goal against Cardiff very well. 

It was basically the “Corner taken quickly... Origiiiiiii!” Goal Liverpool Scored against Barcelona, but from a free kick in the byline instead of a corner.

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It’s been a good start but it is only a start, 2 matches.


The signs are good but I think the time to determine whether he’s been a good signing at the price we paid for him will be at the earliest Christmas.

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1 hour ago, theowlsman said:

<Rangers goals>


Contrast that video with Stevie May's highlight reel from north of the border everyone was fawning over a few years back... 90% of Windass' goals in that clip were clean strikes with power and accuracy. 90% of Stevie's finishes bobbled 5 times and went in off the goalkeeper's elbow.


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Think he's got to be playing in a front two. 


I like what I see of him. 


He's still at an age where there is scope for improvement. He's entering his peak years. 


500k is a usually a bargain in today's market. 

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