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4 minutes ago, BIG D said:

Don’t be soft, absolutely no one said this. You obviously think Joey is a better player though.

All about opinions. 

No one has said this but I'm simply highlighting the disparity in discussions on the two players.


Nuhiu was always rounded on. Hutch was seen as the best thing since sliced bread, when he really, really wasn't. 


I think Joey is atrocious for the record.

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1 minute ago, Spondon Owl said:

Luongo is better than hutch. Discuss?


Not sure tbh, certainly in an attacking sense.

He had a worse fitness and disciplinary record than Hutchinson last season didn’t he?

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1 hour ago, @owlstalk said:

Surely he'd have gone already if he was going to sign for someone?

Wages maybe an issue?

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1 hour ago, Spondon Owl said:

No, no, no, no, no Neil.

Don't be silly.


When nuhiu hadn't signed for anyone, it was because he was carp. Hutch hasn't signed for anyone its because he's mulling over multiple options as he was... after all.. our best midfielder and best centre back. Surely.

Would have captained Chelsea had it not been for injuries .... so I’ve heard 

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1 hour ago, Spondon Owl said:

Luongo is better than hutch. Discuss?


I think they are different types of players TBH. I think Hutchinson has the greater competitive edge probably due to the fact he was brought up as defender, he's stronger in this aspect of the game.


I don't think passing wise there is much of a difference but Luongo is better in the final third and should be scoring 5 or more a season whereas you'd be lucky if you got 2 goals a season out of Hutch.


That said if either player is missing from the side, you would notice as we did last season when either was unavailable it showed.

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On 15/09/2020 at 11:04, SallyCinnamon said:

Perhaps. I just don’t see where he fits in now. With the three in the middle and Joey, Dele and Hunt as backup. 

I would absolutely love it if Kieran came back for one more year. 

NO,its time to let go and move,what about the year after/ and realistically how many matches could he play,fully fit? we must find the next 'lee' not run the life out of the current one...what Club has offered him terms?? none that i know of,same with Hutchinson..

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23 hours ago, Westfield Owl said:

Sheffield Wednesday 19/20 results - all comps.


With Hutchinson in the starting XI:


Played 21

Won 9

Draws 4

Lost 8


Without Hutchinson in the starting XI: 


Played 30

Won 9

Draws 7

Lost 14


So statistically we won 13% more when Hutchinson played.  And we lost 9% less of our games too.


Dopey Monk was daft to bomb him out when he did (I’m talking about the timing here, rather than the decision not to renew his contract), given that CM was a big weakness for us last season IMO.


Strange that he’s not got himself a club sorted yet.

I think the loss of Fletcher influenced those stats more than the loss of Hutchinson. 

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