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Rochdale -v-Wednesday (League Cup) OMDT

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1 minute ago, Lord Snooty said:






Son of Jor-El,  how has that not gone in, only needs slotting.

Reach, Slotting for hitting the bar, cripes this scapegoating has gone a tad far.................

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1 minute ago, Hotten Owl said:

Come on Wednesday, hang on. Deserve to win this, and be in the hat for the next round. Potential glamour tie? :ph34r:

Ipswich or Fulham away... not particularly glamorous 

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I've been impressed with Dele-Bashiru.  He finds time on the ball and doesn't rush his passes.  He's been too strong for Rochdale most of the time too and brushed the defenders off easily.  He's played a couple of good balls into the box too (one just there for Borner).


Rochdale have given us far too much respect though.

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