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The Premier League clubs with the lowest points totals ever:

7. Watford (1999-2000)

Points: 24 | Goal Difference: -42

6. Norwich City (2019/20)

Points: 21 | Goal Difference: -49

5. Sunderland (2002-03)

Points: 19 | Goal Difference: -44

4. Aston Villa (2015-16)

Points: 17 | Goal Difference: -49

3. Huddersfield Town (2018/19)

Points: 16 | Goal Difference: -54

2. Sunderland (2005/06)

Points: 15 | Goal Difference: -43

1. Derby County (2007-08)

Points: 11 | Goal Difference: -69

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1 minute ago, Mr Mercury said:

Cue Wilders post match interview ...  - “ we can’t compete with the billion pound teams blah blah blah “


They might have done a better job of if instead of Brewster they'd bought Callum Wilson and used the leftover £3.5m on his wages. 


Actually for the impact he's had they may as well have given us the £3.5m for Jordan Rhodes and flushed the other £20m down the bog. 

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Oh dear I'll be kind by saying Chelsea outclassed then 2nd half instead of totally outclassed them. Can't wait to hear how Christie is going to try and polish that turd.


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5 minutes ago, nbupperthongowl said:

They are actually calling him.... wait for it....... Rambo on twitter. Think Sly would have been a better signing even after his last performance in Escape to Victory

I think Dumbo may be more apt.

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Just now, s6 owl said:

Reckon there is more chance of Wilder getting the sack before Monk does.

Depends what they do against West Brom in next game, don't win that and questions will be asked. 

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