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The Humble Club - Abhorrence Of Arabia

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Just now, SallyCinnamon said:

They’ve made some signings let’s be honest.


Wasn’t McBurnie almost 20m? 

It was a humble 20 million.


Which is 20 million but humble. 

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Can't say I've watched much of United since they were promoted, I barely bother with football at all these days. But that Berge looks like a right waste of space, trotting around like he can't be àrsed.

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2 minutes ago, owls maniac said:

Did Alan Smith just say "we still got a bollocking"?  lol 

Think it was rollicking but still. 

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15 minutes ago, Night King said:

They’d looked pretty solid till that point but they’re offering nothing going forward. They seem to have lost there attacking intent that’s made them so successful. 


The attacking intent that brought them 39 goals in 38 games last season?

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