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Big Malc

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25 minutes ago, marcx666 said:

Simon Jordan is giving WIlder sh*t on Talksport this morning for calling out the owner in the media, basically saying you talk to your owner in private, if you don't like what you are hearing, resign, and to stop blaming the owner for how they are playing n the pitch and the confidence levels in the team.lol


I have always like Simon Jordan. Speaks highly of Wednesday fans and now lays into Wilder...

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1 hour ago, bradowl said:

They won't get anywhere near amount of money they paid out for them. 

You say that but the spin factory will lower the purchase price and add all the potential add ons onto what they get for them. So guarantee that they will try and show a profit


Otherwise if it's a big loss it will be undisclosed then the gullible ones will say it's £50m🤦


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6 minutes ago, mildatheart67 said:

Villa and Southampton are both games where a win looks possible.

Surely they can't lose both of these.





Southampton look totally shot at the moment - can see pigs winning that one.

Tonight? Villa are hot and cold, hopefully they're on their A game.

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First comment on that clip of wilder says he's only happy when he's talking about Wednesday. He's proper obsessed with us, same as every other pig. I'm obviously praying we stay up for our own sake, but also hope we do cos if we go down the pigs will class it as a decent season for them. 

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