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2 minutes ago, boomshaketheroom said:

This whole thread is embarrassing

It certainly is .....







... if you’re a Blunt!


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I think yoo nited are going to have some serious issues in the next few years.

Obviously they are relegated this season, the millions that they have spent this season still need to be paid (you dont pay transfer fees up front)


Sunderland mark 2?

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4 hours ago, TrickyTrev said:

I love it when the commentators talk about Billy Sharp like he’s Alan Shearer. lol

Well Shearer is now 50 so it's probably an accurate comparison!

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9 minutes ago, Utah Owl said:

Well Shearer is now 50 so it's probably an accurate comparison!


I love it when the blunts celebrate that sharp has scored more goals than any one else in the entire football league

then I point out that it means he has spent 95% of his career in the football league

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Looks like will leave in the summer “ with the clubs blessing”. Relegation clause in his contract?  Bet it’s an undisclosed fee. 

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7 hours ago, SiJ said:

It's quite amusing really.


The narrative has switched from plucky underdog, to a hard luck story.


Poor old Cwissy with his ragtag bunch of merry men fighting the Premier League juggernaut. 


Completely ignoring the fact they've spent significant amounts of money on a number of flops.


Going back to that Biggs piece, the final paragraph makes reference to how Cwissy shouldn't be relegated to head coach. Suggestion of a change of structure at the club. Wilder suggested he made recommendations and these were overruled. 


Wonder if Biggsy has looked to help out his mate with a nice spin piece, but has in fact ended up highlighting how crap the recruitment under Wilder has been. Classic Biggs.

I get your point, but spelling out that there are 6 strikers who have scored 10 goals between them is damning. And he has signed five out of the six? Or did he also re-sign Billy Blunt?


There could genuinely be a problem that he can’t recognize a decent striker. Still, what a nauseating article

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I’ll tell you what’s embarrassing 


saying stuff like 


“We’ve suffered more than most not having the fans in”


Thats an embarrassing failure to take responsibility by a manager only concerned with his own reputation and not actually saving the team / protecting the players.

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37 minutes ago, McRightSide said:



Goebbels would have been embarrassed to airdrop that on 1940s Germany 


So many gems, I love this one 


“Ramsdale has weathered storms at two top flight clubs”


Now let’s see


Storm One: ship broke up in high seas and sank


Storm Two: Exploded on starting engine and sank in the port



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