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Just now, OxOwl said:

Think he will walk?


I doubt it.  I think they'll see him as best chance of getting them back up next season. 

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4 minutes ago, TrickyTrev said:

Yes and no blame for the cretin in the dugout who has no plan B and has wasted over £120m on absolute dross.

But it's not his fault!


It's the players who are all to blame (apparently)!

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Come on Spurs FFS


They've got fewer points than they had in 75/76, just want them to now concede 5 goals 3 games on the trot like they did then!

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2 minutes ago, BIG D said:

Yellow for Egan, misses the trip to Man U





Get Jags in for his trademark 3 goals conceded per league start. 

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1 minute ago, markowl said:



You said they are better than any team in the Championship.


Could you point out where?

How on earth it he supposed to point that out when they're playing different teams in different divisions? stop picking, it's just his opinion

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