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Pigs are playing against ten men in the premier for the first time since Wigan at home on the last day of the 2006-7 season. That one worked out well, so fingers crossed.

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9 minutes ago, fudge27 said:

First half observations:


Yedlin, Hendrick and Fleck having a competition for who can be the shittest 


Ramsdale had nothing to do, and still made 2 poor clearances


Newcastle are pap


MxGoldrick head and shoulders the best pig player. 


Sky repeat the same stuff every game the pigs play in about 1-0 defeats and pendulum and Injuries


Dont forget 'unlucky'

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3 minutes ago, A12owl said:

United are this seasons Sky darlings. Can't do anything wrong. Supposedly unlucky to have got 2 points out of a possible 51. Yeah should have had 3 points. 

What a joke. 

Lucky to have 2 points actually....

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