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29 minutes ago, TheGaffer said:

Did anyone else hear the quite ridiculous commentary from giddings when they went 3 2 up? Completely over the top reaction to the goal then followed up with "this is the magic of the fa Cup!" 


A team from the Premier league going in front against a team from the 3rd tier, is that really the magic of the fa Cup? 


Thats just standard Giddings and his blunt loving commentaries.


I wouldn't be surprised if he text him asking if they could secretly socialise over a bottle of peroni and a reach around when he gets back to Sheffield 

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21 hours ago, sibon said:

Meanwhile, over on Grunterstalk, they are arguing for the season to be voided.




Which is marginally more embarrassing that being the shitest Premier League team ever. Official.

WAYYYYYY too much pain comin the pigs way for rest of this season

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King Pig grunts about his 100 wins....too grubby to realise he scraped thru against mighty Bristol rovers.


He can depend on Wednesday fans to measure, weigh him against both PLge and ALL Football League records, should he fall short.

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