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20 minutes ago, latemodelchild said:

Pig keeper loves diving for no reason. Was it Billy Casper in the net in Kes who did that? I know he was swinging from the bar like an ape 😂 


He doesn't appear to get any distance in his dives.

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I reckon this could be another season without European qualification for the Ched Scrubbers... that’ll be 131 years and counting.


Unless of course they can get Ollie McBurnie firing on all cylinders.lol

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2 minutes ago, TrickyTrev said:

Do we think Wilder will mention how they’re not a “powerful” club in his post match interview.:duntmatter:

Someone should remind him he’s spent £91m In the last 15 months

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6 competitive losses in a row. Wonder how long it'll be until we start to see the real itchy faced gurning bad loser Wilder, rather than his media friendly 'umble club PL persona. 

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Conspiracy theorists are out in force again. Don’t want a team like blades in Europe do the FA so they’ve conspired with the referees to rob them of points. 


You would think I’m joking, but this is exactly the rubbish they are spouting 


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13 minutes ago, TodwickOwl said:

Keeper looks pants - 20m


Berge looks totally lightweight - 20m


Top 4 teams to play coming up 


Gonna be a good few weeks hahah

Keeper won them points last season, new keeper costing the points already.


Berge, someone compared him to Rudi on here recently, seems pretty accurate. Capable of some good skill and passing but also capable of duffing a 5 yard pass and falling over his own feet.


Averaged 1 goal per game last season and unless they get some quality in they don't look like improving much on that. 


Probably wont be in the bottom 3 but can't see them in the top 12.

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They lack quality in the side. 


Getting them to 9th last season was a minor miracle. 


They were probably good for a point tonight, but still. 

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