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5 hours ago, smhouston said:

Blimey, those signings :duntmatter: 


I keep getting told how McBurnie is a decent player so can't have just lost it overnight, but he's only had 1 decent season. For Utd, he's probably had a handful of decent games. The stat yesterday was there is no other player in the Premier League who has had more shots than him without scoring. He's a dreadful player. Especially when he has his socks like he does, just reminds me of those Sunday league players who think they're world beaters so want to stand out, but actually turn out to be pretty s***


I thought Brewster would come good, but I watched a England u21 game (last week I think), and he looked poor in that too despite England's dominance in the game. So so lazy. Maybe the rumours about his attitude are correct

McBurnie is a **** Steve Claridge 

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12 minutes ago, sonofbert2 said:

Watching this with a mad Trump supporting Palace fan.


I think he might kill me.

I think the word "mad" was superfluous in that post mate.

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