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Official Premier League 2020/21 Thread

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1 hour ago, Ever the pessimist said:

Evra: Zaha was electric until he had an affair with David Moyes’ daughter.

Kelly Cates: We don’t know the background to that story so best leave that one alone...

Sky issuing an official apology on air🤣

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Decision to retake the penalty was very harsh, though I don't think it affected game that much. 

For most part Man Utd were poor. 

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5 hours ago, Ever the pessimist said:

Hmmm. That Arsenal goal looked, by last season’s standards, offside.

It sure could have been.  


But the match was absolute tedium, so I think it's  the absolute topper to that snoozefest.



Arsenal looked so bad they gave West Ham an air of faux competency in comparison.  But they sucked too.

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Spurs might be winning atm but they look stale to me, I can't see Jose lasting the season. They need freshening up and a stronger defence. With a bit of belief the Saints could still turn it around. Spurs look disappointing and going backwards like Man United. The likes of Chelsea; Arsenal, Wolves, Leicester and Everton, appear more progressive and perhaps the strongest of the bunch outside of Liverpool and Man City. 

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