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Adthe Nuhiu letter to Sheffield Wednesday fans

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A final touch if class from Big Dave. Good luck Big 'un. He'd have got another year for me with the predicament were in but that's a different debate. I'm just looking forward to the letters from Fletch and Fox.

( Fingers crossed they haven't done a similar thing and I've missed it else I look a reyt ********)

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Great to read and I think his feels towards the club won't come as a surprise to many. 


Say what you want about his ability but his passion and commitment for the club was never in doubt. 


There's a few memories that will stick with me. 


The goal against man city and the one where he took on about 3 players from the corner flag and scored a beauty. Can't remember who against but it's been shared many times. 


Good luck to him in Cyprus

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Wonderful. I can’t remember a ‘released’ player doing anything like that before.

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Just now, Pablo Bonvin said:

Good luck with your new club.


Apologies most of us never managed to spell your name right by the way....




Did it 

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I think we could have done one more year but perhaps the time was right for him as well as us. Either way good luck in the future. He’s a lot better player than many on here give him credit for.

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NUHIU was a classy swipe for all the spelling errors over the years 👍


Thank you for the attitude, I wish all our players had the same. It's something you cannot teach, you either have it or don't.

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