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8 minutes ago, VictoryBell said:

I was only joking, natch, but if you're old enough (and I doubt it- and good for you) you might remember SHOOT magazine and in August 1970 they had an article titled: "If you're team loses this week - forget about promotion" or something similar. The point was that, statistically, if you lose the first match of the season then promotion is very, very unlikely. Maybe the stats have changed over 50 years but, sickeningly, that season, although Wednesday won their opening game (1 v 0 against Charlton) United lost theirs and , of course (or of curse), were promoted. Just shows that stats indicate but do not guide. 

(Oooh! Profound 😀)

Being a kid of the 80s, my football knowledge was limited to the weekly Saturday afternoon matches they showed here for years, at least till the mid 90s. That's why Finns are generally fans of British football.

Stats.. they are dangerous. You can always find one which supports your view 🙂

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15 minutes ago, Statto Owl said:

Wasnt one of our old managers famous for talking about a 2-0 nightmare lead?


13 minutes ago, hirstyboywonder said:


Chris Turner wasn't it?


We can only dream of having a nightmare lead in most of our games!


Here we go!



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Just now, WalthamOwl said:

Jordan ******** Rhodes!!!!! Shove that up your bum @DJMortimer :tango:


Yeah, those last 5 years have just been transformed haven't they?


Anyway, sod that, it's 2-0 and just what we needed... so far.

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