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Cardiff - V - Wednesday

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i'll be happy if the 20 odd that venture out onto the South of Wales coast all get counted back. With this weeks Covid19 explosion we want to avoid at all costs bumping into any Mutant Sheep on the way back. That could put the hex on our season before we have barely started.


It's not like we have Snowden to climb. We fear nothing and no one. On your way home fill your boots with Lamb Shank and plenty of Fresh Mint ready for a great Sunday Lunch ! 








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There’s plenty to be gloomy about, all discussed on here at length.

As difficult as it is, not to mention mostly self inflicted I don’t think it helps our cause any if we don’t rally behind the manager and team.

Regardless of my personal views that will be my position for the first 10-12 games.


In saying that we must show fight, physicality, hunger and belligerence as an absolute minimum.

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The difference will be up front. I think we will play well,not take our chances and probably lose 1-0.


But this is football so who knows....4-2 win to us and some champagne football with lots of stepovers, Rabonas, rainbow flicks and walking the ball into the net......and that's just from monk in the warm up. 


Blind optimism is the only way!



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