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Just now, meggoisgod said:

Im not sure we will get off the bottom at any point during the season

Sadly this is a real possibility 


We’ve seen in the past that teams starting with a points deduction rarely recover very well. We could easily lose the first 2 games and be 18 points off top, but more relevant be 15 points+ from safety already.  That is going to be a huge challenge for anyone even if we had a good team 

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9 minutes ago, Earlsfieldowl said:

First Champ game tonight and a little reminder..Looks pretty grim there in black and white!



21st, last day victory keeping us up by a point.

Your phone needs charging up. 

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We’re currently 15 points off top before we’ve kicked a ball 😆

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On 10/09/2020 at 15:01, Quist said:

Genuinely no idea. 


Get feeling new coaches will bring about improvement.


It also depends on who else brought in besides strikers think we need left sided centre back and right wing back (although Obubajo has looked better in last 2 appearances).

Honestly cannot see how we can play any worse than the back end of last season. The capitulation in games like home to Boro and Preston summed up the total lack of F@@ks given and the lack of professional application, seen since Christmas. Like to say we have turned a corner, but with no forwards of any quality brought in, it's going to be a long season; particularly with the -12 disadvantage.  

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7 minutes ago, CrosbyKitchens said:

Having looked at the fixture list, I can’t see where we are going to drop a point this season. Champions by some distance. 

Darien Friday vodka...love it mate!

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13 hours ago, Dutch McLovin said:

Have to say I can’t agree...


1. It will faze us the longer we’re under it. The team is always under pressure and this season will be worse than most. Once fans are back it will get to them.


2. This is one of the worst squads we have had in years. There has always been a problem amassing the points with decent squads (even Grays squad was better than this one) we don’t have enough quality.


3. Whilst the new coaching team may make a difference it’s still Monk in charge, there his team working on his style tactics and ideas. He is a bad manager.


for these reasons we will go down. I think we’d struggle without the deduction to be honest. Chansiri has a lot to answer for


Yes, spot on.


People are talking about the effect of the points deduction, but even without it we'd still probably go down.


This team's bobbage, and we have a manager who registered 4 wins in half a season.


Personally, I took it as read that he'd be gone in the summer.


Few managers could survive a run like that, and it looks like we're topping ourselves.

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