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Eve Of Season Predictions

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2 hours ago, agentwalker said:

based on performances so far, 3rd bottom if were lucky


By comparison, shouldn't all those Championship clubs who lost in Worthless Cup then place below us?




21. Nottingham Forest

22. QPR

23. Cardiff

24. Swansea


Nah, I'm guessing we'll win some then lose some, Championship is tough and demands a large squad, hopefully our younger players learn and play increasingly better despite being inexperienced.


19th place, it is.

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3 minutes ago, GerOwl said:

As it is currently, squad and manager wise.




Just for clarity, I hope i'm proven wrong and a few EFL miracles help us a long the way.


Anyone that gets an Aliens gif into a footy thread gets a thumbs up. fizz yeah!

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