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This service is criminal. I was autobilled without my consent (my credit card info was changed since last year anyway, how tf did they track it down and charge me????) won't give me a refund for it and now the video doesn't even buffer. 

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Same here. I only want the radio commentary. Nothing on the app or on the website. I paid for this pile of poo all the way through lockdown and closed season and this is how they repay you. It surely can't be that hard. 

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Just now, Miffed said:

What a joke


took ages to sign in 

Took ages to accept payment 


had to quit Chrome and use on Firefox 


And I’ve paid to listen to Huddersfield 


Change it to away commentary in the settings.

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Logged on kept asking me to buy a video pass. Contacted Support through chat. Finally got commentary only problem was its Huddersfield V Norwich. Contacted chat again and been waithing for about 10 minutes for a reply.

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Just put the radio on 


Giddings ‘And a free kick here for Cardiff City....”



No context, not telling us where, not telling what what happened. 

Giddings next sentence....

“And here’s Bannan for Wednesday”



How can people listen to this?

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