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11 hours ago, vulva said:

Best lad he’s ever worked with. Honestly, great lad Mendzzzie. Best lad. I told Sharon, I said I’ve got one more job in me Sharon. She said you’d only get up her feet (does that snorting laugh, that comes out of his nose a bit). Best set of lads. Honestly, since I walked through the door. Training this morning. Honestly, never seen anything like it. I said to the lads, best set of lads I’ve ever worked with. Tractors. 

Could actually here him when I read that!

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12 hours ago, 83owl said:

Repeated drinking wasn’t it?


Bumped into guy branston at an event a few years back and asked him about proudlock as I’d seen them both out on the lash the week before branston had his contract terminated. They were arguing like cat and dog in this bar we were in, then if i’m not mistaken proudlock got an injury in training (broken ankle?) and branston got released quick sharp. I always assumed branston had done him in training and that’s why he got released. Branston said he was a quality striker but just couldn’t keep off the ale and thats what he was arguing with him about. He also said reason he got released was that Sturrock couldn’t guarantee him first team football. 

i still prefer my version of events 😂😂

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The story I heard about Proudlock was that the final straw was an end of season dinner or Christmas do, black tie affair.

Rumour has it they were posing for a photos with the directors and wives etc. and Proudlock thought it would be a laugh to get his old man out and put it on the shoulder of one of the directors wives


Heard this from a guy who works in football, but nothing to do with Wednesday

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