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What Trends Have Wednesday Set?

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8 hours ago, Beard said:

And a strikers barren spell


"Here comes NN, finally back from 6 month knee injury. Probably in need of a lot of match training to get back to fitness before he can be back in contention, let alone score. But he's given a chance in the game's closing stages. 86 minutes on the clock, what can he do?"


... goes on to score a brace against Wednesday.

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2 hours ago, HIGHERSTATE said:

Barmy Army?


If you don't fn bounce?


We're all............arn't we?


Having instruments at the match?

Barmy  Army was nicked off West Ham.

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Monk is rubbish
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49 minutes ago, Roscoe P. Coltrane said:

First Buddhist monk to bless a football ground.

Think that was Leicester 

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Professionalism. We brought Scottish international Jimmy Lang down to play for us in the 1870s. 

He was not paid by the club but instead gained employment with a company in Garden Street owned by one of the directors, Walter Fearnehough. Although the family business manufactured "Bayonet Spirals, Ledger Blades and Chaff Knives" Lang received no formal duties and he spent most of the day reading the paper.


Other players had been found jobs in the chairman’s factory etc before, but this was a first in that he really did no work at all. 

Professionalism was legalised soon after. 

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