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120 players are reduced to 63 as 57 crash out in round 1. Barnsley and Cardiff 😀 caused the most casualties with Wycombe and Derby not far behind.


A shout out to @Pablo Bonvin and @TheEnchanter for particularly impressive choices, correctly predicting Birmingham's surprise win against Brentford and Reading winning at Derby. A big well done also to the 5 who backed the mighty Wednesday.


No late kickoffs today or games tomorrow, so round 2 is now open.


Remember - You can only pick each side once, so you'll have to choose a different team for round 2.


Coventry v QPR is on Friday night so the deadline for round 2 is Friday 18th September at 7pm


Fixtures here - https://www.livescore.com/soccer/england/sky-bet-championship/#/round-2


Spreadsheet with entrants here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rb9pO78V5Io5sVX1zSWci-hHS2Z6FCm9kyzSMkT52l4/edit#gid=0


As usual I'm out in round 1 so won't be going for anyone!


Good luck

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