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I’d be worried this season without a points deduction.


Since January, we have lost Westwood and Hutchinson (I back Monk on this situation, twice is past coincidence). Yet they haven’t been replaced and should have. 

Then we have lost Fox, Murphy and Fletcher. All first team players who haven’t been replaced.

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10 hours ago, hugeowl said:

Are we not appealing the decision anymore?

Yep...that's the part people aren't happy with 

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13 hours ago, Therealrealist said:

But to count to minus 12 Wundt u have to count to 24?

 Now we know who started the “ we didn’t beat Walsall” thread..


I did however spit my ham sandwich over the dog when I read that! Brilliant!

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17 hours ago, Fast Forward said:

First target has to be nul points. Based on our form this calendar year it could be a struggle. 

Spot on,what I've seen up to now,and the strikers we have,and please dont say Nuhui is the answer,were fuckde

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Just view it like a golf handicap. They are evening things up because we are so ace.


only fair given the comprehensive spanking we gave the Walsall.


We are the super Wednesday. Altogether now......


Monky had a dream to build a football team.


We had no players we took young freebies.


We collapsed at the back.


Reachy in attack


We are the super Wednesday


We’re on our way back (to league 1)

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Are you sure this is right? I know we start on minus 12, but are you sure it means we will start bottom of the table? Surely that can’t be right can it? 


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