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Top 5 most hated (opposition) players

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2 hours ago, Utah Owl said:

Gary Bennett -Will always be top of my list after what he did to Ian Knight. Doing that on a Saturday night in town would have seen him jailed.


David Speedie/Mickey Thomas -cheating arrogant Chelsea twats

Simon Stainrod - Always did it against us but when he got a chance to redeem himself was crap (never mind TC and Oldham)

Steve Bould - For doing David Hirst, was never the same again

Roy Keane - For being one of the nastiest thugs in the game.


 I don't remember him been a dirty player  he  just scored against  us very often  I think he had the where's your caravan song  sang at him took it in good humour though 😉

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If we try not to include too many ex blades then my personal list would be,


Jamie Ward- Talented player no doubt, diver, horrible little c*nt. Very arrogant whenever I heard him speak.


Anthony Knockaert- Again talented, perhaps the best player at this level at times. Horrible bloke though, arrogant, diver, nasty at times as well.


Ben Pearson- Nasty b*stard. Was decent at Barnsley but seems to have turned into a thug at Preston.


Glenn Murray- Just generally very dis-likeable. Never took to him. Again arrogant.


Robert Snodgrass- Diver, arrogant, cheat. Thinks he's funny which he isn't. Again very talented.

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