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Top 5 most hated (opposition) players

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John fashanu

Andy Townshend

The one who played for derby  then the blunts  tried knocking out Hodge in a cup game

Gary Bennet  of Chester utter wankstsin 


And lastly David speedie the Scottish dwarf  could dish it out but couldn't take  it back  as the YouTube video below proves





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Garry Bennett for effectively ending Ian Knights career (deliberately) and for being an absolute bell


Peter Beagrie


Billy Bremner


Peter Osgood 


All Wimbledon Players

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Kevin nolan, ran the length of the north stand to rub it in when he scored for Newcastle 

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Chris Morgan 


Robbie Savage




Ian Wright


Michael Brown


But if Savage, Knockaert and Wright were playing for us I'd have loved them instead, all good players what wind the opposition up. 


Brown was half decent but just a full weight wimp.


Morgan wasn't a footballer he was a thug, will never forget how he nearly killed Hulme and he knew exactly what he was doing. No room In football for people like that. 

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Gary Bennett -Will always be top of my list after what he did to Ian Knight. Doing that on a Saturday night in town would have seen him jailed.


David Speedie/Mickey Thomas -cheating arrogant Chelsea twats

Simon Stainrod - Always did it against us but when he got a chance to redeem himself was crap (never mind TC and Oldham)

Steve Bould - For doing David Hirst, was never the same again

Roy Keane - For being one of the nastiest thugs in the game.


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You get the idea.....haha

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Jürgen Klinsmann. One of the biggest cheats of all time.


Scores a free header on his debut against us and wins goal of the month - p*ss off. Didn't even deserve to win goal of the match. Then has the cheek to do his diving celebration as if to say "yes, I'm a disgusting cheating t*ss rag, but I don't care". I loathe the man, and Tottenham, to this day.


Oh and don't forget that other cheat, winker Ronaldo (against England though, obvs).

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