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1 minute ago, mattitheowl said:


Not sure if you're aware mate, but that was a pre-season friendly.  They were 3 weeks from the start of their season.  This is a competitive match against a L2 team.  


The guy I was replying to said he didn't care if it was a cup game or a friendly, so I was just pointing out he should be looking at the Leicester game too..

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1 minute ago, mrgund said:


Far too many to go into great detail. Might have to compile a great roads thread but the Atlantic Highway A39 through Devon and Cornwall has to be in the top three.

It's fine..go into great detail.

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1 minute ago, S6ToBerlin said:


We also didn't let a top 6 Premier league side break us down last week so it goes both ways

They did break us down though. They just didn’t score. 

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