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This is an excellent precursor to a season where we'll lack bite up front and try to draw out way out of -12


Poor start, regardless of competition, in a time we need to smash it.

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Just now, Animis said:

It's enough to put you off football - can't really understand what's going on. We even turn half-decent players into dross.

Seriously how I feel

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4 minutes ago, mrgund said:

I've been loads of times to Walsall but can't recall going on the M6. Think I went down A38 and it took me straight there. Good route to be fair.

That’s more interesting than the game. Thank you. 

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2 minutes ago, mrgund said:

The M6 motorway is the longest motorway in the United Kingdom.


This is the longest game currently being played in the United Kingdom..............Blow Ref !!

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