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Elev8 have provided very good kits


The last time we had Puma, it wasn't really Puma, it was a genetic kit made by one of their subsideries 

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30 minutes ago, Adem Poric said:

The current kits are tremendous. Well made, good looking kits. 

The bukta kits that old people cream  themselves over look old and dated - because they are. 

They were absolute nipple graters and a massive fire hazard. The Umbra kits that followed them were a massive step up.

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1) making our own kit does make financial sense. Kit costs £10 to make, Sell for £50 - keep £40. If you get it made by a supplier they keep that money and pay wednesday a "fee" of £10

2) other than the David Hirst 90s kits the "puma" all the recent kit manufacturers we've had recently have been generics. 

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1 hour ago, RevOwl said:

Does anybody agree with me that our kit manufacturers and kit designs are getting worse season after season? My personal view is that Puma was the last company to supply us with good match day and training kits. Before that Umbro supplied us with great looking kits and Bukta in my opinion supplied us with our greatest kits. Since we severed ties with Puma we've had such rubbish as Diadora and Sondico that both looked cheap and nasty. DC says manufacturing our own kits under the elev8 brand makes commercial sense but how can this be? I'm sure if he got on the phone to Bukta and asked them to do us a proper Wednesday kit they'd jump at the opportunity. 


Last good kits we had were from Bukta 

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The last two home kits have been on the money to be fair. The previous couple before them were poor to say the least.


I too prefer old shirts. My favourites being from the 80s and 90s in particular but fair do's the last two home shirts have had a nostalgic but fresh feel to them and look good for modern shirts.


I don't know if it would be possible but I'd love us to have a shirt in the near future, sort of in the style of that smart Pulp charity shirt, and an away shirt kind of in the style of the Dutch 88 shirt. 

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Had this conversation on twitter a few weeks ago. The quality (in terms of material and feel etc) of kits under Elev8 in my experience have been very good. Sondico ones were a bit hit and miss but mostly OK. Puma again were hit and miss but some were dreadful. 12/13 away and the 13/14 home shirt were in particular poor quality. They weren't nice shirts to wear.


In terms of the look, 18/19 is the best kit we've had in years and 19/20 was up there as well. 20/21 looks decent, will properly judge when I see it in person.


Some people look too much into the brand, why is there is desire for label? At least our kits are unique and not a template. It's a very small-time thing to care about who makes the kit rather than if it's actually good quality. Sheffield United fans still bang on about having an Adidas kit without realising it's a template with their badge stuck on it. I used to hate seeing us and Huddersfield having the same design with a different badge and shade of blue.

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Last two kits have been possibly the best since the very early 90's


Club have absolutely nailed it recently with kits - and massively improved availability, launch announcement/timings.


Also, social media.  Signing announcements, breaking news (the good stuff!) all superb - Kachunga vid was a stroke of genius.


Full credit to the club on both these counts, especially amongst everything going on around them with the financial position.


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