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Gerry Young was a quiet, unassuming man who gave loyalty to our club. He was a great player who should have had more than one England cap. He moved into Albert Quixall's house in Waller Road where he remained. I always enjoyed chatting to him and Quinney the last occasion being John Quinn's 80th birthday party. You gave us great memories Gerry and always tried your best. My thoughts are with your family. RIP the great Gerry Young.

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I seem to remember him starting as what was called in those days, a utility player, no fixed position. I remember him breaking into the team as a centre forward, and can definitely remember him scoring a hat trick when i was stood at the bottom of the Kop. But it wasn't till he was switched into defence that he found his true berth, and quickly became a hard but cultured wing half, alongside Peter Swan, Vic Mobley, and Sam Ellis at various times.

RIP Mr, Young. Thanks for the memories, 

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As a young lad I used to watch the team practice at Thorncliffe in the late 60's

Gerry took our autograph books and brought them back signed by everyone the next week 


Lovely bloke I will always remember how he treated us kids


RIP Gerry a true legend 

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On 02/09/2020 at 15:57, Ibbo48 said:

I used to hate the fact that for quite some time his name was linked to the mistake he made in the final.


My memory isn't what it was, but I always remember the 'mistake' was due to him carrying on injured because we'd used our sub?


Anyways, bit late, but saddened to hear Gerry has passed away, a fantastic servant to the club and as everyone has mentioned a true legend.


RIP Gerry.

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