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Now he was a proper hard man.


Not a preening wannabee pretend hard man, the real deal.


Always remember the white 66 cup run shirts. The big lad's busting out of them, Gerry, Mobley etc.


RIP Gerry Young.



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One of my early hero’s too, and a really nice man. RIP Gerry.
Condolences to family and friends. 

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15 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:


Oh no!
I used to rent my flat (above Quinny's sports shop on Middlewood Road) off Johnny Quinn

In Quinny's sports shop Gerry Young used to work in there so I'd go down and talk to them both for ages


Both were great guys - really nice and were happy to chat about all things football whenever I nipped downstairs to chat to them

Gerry Young was ROCK HARD though even in his later years he was formidable ( I would add FOOOOOKING SCARY)   and you just would not mess with him



Got to know them both really well so this is really sad news

RIP Gerry 

Bought some trophies off Gerry once. Chatted about Wednesday. A lovely guy. RIP.

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