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Vardy Starts - George Hirst on the bench

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2 minutes ago, catdog1121 said:


So will every other club, no chance of offloading him and we will be stuck with his wages for another season.. 

been saying for ages, his level is League One now, and it has been for a while Trouble is, what we owe on him, and his wages

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29 minutes ago, William 1867 said:

It seems that Monk hasn’t learned anything from last season on the first half performance. We have no Fletch or Big Dave and we persist in 50 yard long balls into the box.


Very worrying.


You've got to consider we're playing against a top 6 premier league team who play a high press. They're putting our backline constantly under pressure and sometimes the only ball on has been a long ball up front.


I'd rather that than see them try and play round the high press and fail, giving the ball away at the edge of our box and conceding every 20 minutes.


Obviously against weaker teams we won't be forced to just lump it up top as much, but considering we haven't conceded yet I'd say the tactics are clearly working. We've even had a couple of decent chances that should have been put away, you can't blame Monk for those being missed!

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We need bodies in, can't be relying on the youngsters.


Think only Shaw and Hunt should be in and around the first team this year.


I'd like to see Shaw as a defensive midfielder,

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