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Bannan works on his shooting in training

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16 minutes ago, airborne_rat_of_s6 said:

Monk's finishing touches to weeding out the bad eggs from the squad.



Our lad's obviously not taken the Derby reprieve well then!!!


"Application's being taken for vacancies unexpectedly arisen in the EFL disciplinary committee". 

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3 hours ago, room0035 said:

Apparently they had to stop after 90 minutes as Rhodes had not hit a single target, but all the instructor said what a nice guy he was. :duntmatter: 


We might be seeing JR in the Olympic games, apparently he was the best shot hitting 24 out of 25 and Monk won the reaction, "Zombie" shooting competition.  


As an extra treat Bannan put his glasses on and got the milk chocolate bars in. 

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2 hours ago, airborne_rat_of_s6 said:

Shouldering and eye relief all wrong.  

Think a few of our lads need help building up their firing position. I’m sure Beattie will be lecturing them on marksmanship principles too. Friggin hope so anyway!!

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