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Soccer Saturday - LeTissier, Thompson, and Nicholas sacked by SKY

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Probably been done to make it more diverse, but of those that have gone, I would only feel slightly sorry for Charlie, but even then he's not that knowledgeable on a few things.


I expect Clinton, Sue Smith and one other unless they just go with 3 whilst social distancing is needed

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I’m really sick of Kamara, the joke is wearing extremely thin. 
Le Tissier is a right wing/COVID is no worse than flu merchant so not bothered about him. 
Thompson and Nicholas are actually ok.  Merson is tripe. 

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14 minutes ago, Howards back said:

How dare sky have 5 white men on their show. They should have at least 1 woman, 2 people who are not white and at least 2 gay/ lesbian people but no white men who know about the game. 

And we're off...

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1 hour ago, WalthamOwl said:

No doubt a ticking boxes exercise. Dread to think who they will replace with. 

If that was the case, then why was Merson kept on?

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1 minute ago, Roscoe P. Coltrane said:

Chris Powell 4/7

Cozy Powell 1000/1

First person to die whilst using a mobile  phone whilst driving ?.....







Danced with the Devil that was Vodafone......

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Sky knew their audience, the pundits were fans just like us and they were personalities back in the day.


Soccer Saturday was a highlight, two hours of drama.


The formula is simple.


The over egging begins.

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