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Owls v Leicester - Pre season Friendly

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The Owls can confirm a pre-season friendly against Premier League Leicester City, which will be live streamed with multi-camera coverage on our official YouTube channel.


The behind closed doors fixture will take place at the Loughborough University Stadium on Saturday 29 August, with a 12 noon kick-off.

Wednesday head to Loughborough next week for a five-day training camp with outstanding facilities deployed by UEFA and the FA for the European Under-17 Championships and international tournaments respectively.


The Foxes friendly will be the climax to the Owls’ stint in the Midlands before returning to Sheffield and continuing preparations for the 2020/21 campaign.


With fans not permitted to attend games until October at the earliest, the live stream will ensure Wednesdayites can enjoy all the action against Leicester free of charge on YouTube.



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Hope they're not expecting payment for the honour of them turning up after they've diddled us out of getting a fee for Hirst. 


Edit - just seen the full article and it's not at Hillsborough so they won't. 



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The game is just cover for DC's master plan 



Vardy to sign a contract with us at halftime as a player coach along the same lines as Derby/ Rooney deal 




Quick someone get onto Att's Instagram see if he's following him yet 



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It would be a fitting occasion to invite D Hirst and N Pearson to be guest players for us!


And Leicester could also have 2 ex-Owls:  G Hirst, who flew the nest, and J Vardy, who was forcibly ejected!






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3 hours ago, Inspector Lestrade said:

All good stuff coming out of Hillsborough lately. 

Good news that one of the top 20 biggest clubs in England needs a training camp an hours drive away to get decent facilities?


Chansiri forward planning at its finest.

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