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On 20/08/2020 at 22:51, helmut_rooster said:


Pete Loaf was better, scotch fella in Jokers and Sinatra's Benidorm.

At one point in benidorm  I counted 3 meatloaf tribute acts  the best one I remember was some American  doing him he also  did a tribute to rod Stewart alternate weeks

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4 hours ago, 31Dec1966 said:

I saw him at City Hall, when he was a bit out of favour.  He was excellent.  Don't do arenas myself so didn't go to that one. I'm not as big a fan as my ranting post implied (although I do have all the early albums) but I felt I had to defend his character.

I saw him as well at the arena  around that time I never watch the support acts so turned up  about 8.30pm asked security what time he was coming on got told. It was the interval 😁

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On 20/08/2020 at 19:34, Inspector Lestrade said:

Can't stand Meatloaf, the food or the group what a nob he was.

I can’t say I’m a fan either. I just don’t get him or his music. My old boss used to have Bat Out of Hell on repeat (or should I say he’d listen to side one on cassette then flip it round to side two then back to side one and so on...). If I never hear that album again, it’ll be too soon. I never liked that album and listening to it constantly was like Chinese water torture. 

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