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39 minutes ago, Elderly Owl said:


Paul , mate! It’s a Gaussian distribution across the human race. 5% see racism everywhere and in everything, 5% don’t see racism at all ( because, probably they aren’t racist and can’t understand why anyone should be) and 90% can’t be bothered with it and would rather live in peace with our fellow humans and concentrate on other issues. We must I think remember that racism occurs in all races. Always has done and always will. We can argue against it and we should, but we should stop short of manufacturing evidence to suit our own beliefs, there’s enough real evidence that it exists. Are we culturally tribal? Yes of course. Are we culturally racist? I think not, but we might disagree on definition.

Still, we’re all Wednesday aren’t we! I don’t care what colour you say you are, or which language you speak, or whether you see yourself as a different gender and that I think puts me in the 90%. Am I going to dress as a rainbow and walk round London in my pants with a banner? Nope! ( not in the 5% then). Time we all woke down maybe?
Other opinions are available.

excellent post Elderly

However I do wonder at the bit in bold sometimes


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