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Returning to sporting events

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22 hours ago, sMacLean said:

If the virus shuts some clubs they won't need to worry about social distancing. The evidence suggests you need to be around someone infected for many minutes and maybe even 15 minutes if outdoors and very close, you can't get it brushing past someone

Singing whilst socially distanced is fine, everywhere else has been that has done it so far. 

Pleased for JP that has no absolutely chance of catching it then 

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Crowborough Athletic 1-2 Eastbourne Town. Eastbourne making it 1-1 in the photo. Probably only 60-70 fans there so felt totally safe.

Great to be back at a game.


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I’ve noticed that the French leagues have restarted with limited spectators or no spectators, based on where they are and the regional situation. Nice for example had no spectators but the south of France has had a spike in cases, whereas Monaco , Nimes etc. had limited spectators. 

Perhaps we will approach the same way.

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