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Tramlines 2021


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1 hour ago, The_Limit_Owl said:

Yeah, everyone's 2021 social calandar is gonna be very sparse!


A mate did a live stream gig on Fri night, love him to bits but the whole experience was frickin awful.....he's a great singer/guitarist but he's at the mercy of broadband...dodgy WiFi etc....


Ain't no replacement for the real experience!


I've not seen a single live stream yet from any band/musician that has done anything to promote a great image of themselves and their music


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Just now, The_Limit_Owl said:


Same here, it's impossible to put across that live venue feel and atmosphere via a dodgy stream that freezes and drops out all the time.


Having worked with bands for years one of the things you quickly learn is that much of their live performances are robotic

Nothing has proven this more than the live streams musicians have done, where, at the end of the song they're playing they finish and there's silence and they say 'Thank you. Thank you very much'




Tickles me every time

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2 hours ago, Justbeanz said:

Me too. Hope DMA's are still on the card though.

Yeah I do. I’d never heard them before but started listening to them and really like them. 

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17 hours ago, BIG D said:

Any clues? I seem to remember your info was spot on a couple of years back. 

Not really.  My contact is no longer on the Tramlines team but still hears snippets.


Alluded to Catfish no longer headlining but replacement perceived as bigger - possibly Foals or The 1975.  Also the Ian Brown issue with being off the Neighborhood Weekender will be another to replace - possibly by James.

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