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Top flight footballers who don't look like footballers

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2 hours ago, adamnich said:

i've always thought Nigel Worthington back in the 90s looked in his 50s/60s. He looks more like someone more likely to be a jobsworth health and safety inspector at a food producing factory.  niche


Looked like a member of The Dubliners

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On 10/08/2020 at 11:29, Asio otus said:


lol    I mentioned my uncle today, in another thread, who was a fast skilful left winger for Portsmouth when they were good in the 50's. Fatty was my great grandma's cousin on the other side of the family. Combine his vast bulk with my uncle's skill and speed and you should get the ultimate footballer. Then I appeared. Unfortunately not big, not skillful, not fast but my politics are fairly left wing.

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On 10/08/2020 at 19:19, @owlstalk said:


Just for fun..

Let's see if we can name a load of footballers over the years (both Wednesday and non-Wednesday players) who just didn't look like a typical footballer, whether they have an awkward gangly run, or a non-typical physique

Let's see if we can build a full team of players who just didn't seem/look like professional footballers but actually were really quite good!

Let's start with Matthew LeTissier, Jan Molby and Tomas Brolin!

Needs pics 

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