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9 minutes ago, pachyderm said:

Crystal Palace 3rd nice














I really like all three of these. 


I can't help but feel like at some point, they're going to need a 4th kit as they are all quite similar!

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Just not bothered...

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It's quite a shame a lot of good work was done in the 19/20 thread... 


Hannover 96 home










I like them all 3... more or less... 


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Not able to change the title of the previous thread to this season?


I'll say it again as shirts get uploaded but Macron have really impressed me this year. I would absolutely not be averse to having them as our kit supplier in future. Them and the likes of Lecoq Sport and Joma have brought some belting shirts out.


Great to see Hummel with more shirts in the uk football market as well. Love Hummel.  Just bought loads of training gear for grass roots season!

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