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Yorkshire Football League Clubs... 16?

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With Harrogate winning promotion to the football league t'other day I read an article on the internet that said they were the 16th Yorkshire club to reach the top 4 divisions of English Football.


I've been doing some digging (so I can add it to my Football Genius Alexa Skill - shameless plug) and I have only found 15 (including Harrogate)


The clubs I've found are as follows (in no particular order :ph34r:) :


  1. Sheffield Wednesday
  2. Harrogate Town
  3. Bradford City
  4. Bradford Park Avenue
  5. Leeds United
  6. York City
  7. Scarborough F.C
  8. Rotherham United
  9. Doncaster Rovers
  10. Barnsley
  11. Hull City
  12. Halifax Town
  13. Middlesbrough
  14. Huddersfield Town
  15. Sheffield United
  16. ?


So the question is: Assuming the information I read was accurate, which club have I missed?


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42 minutes ago, OxonOwl said:

Rotherham County and Rotherham Town ?


Middlesbrough and Middlesbrough Ironopolis ?


Scarborough ?


Thanks OxonOwl!

Middlesbrough Ironopolis
looks like a great shout!  They only existed for 5 years by the looks of things but were inducted in to the second division of the football league in the 1893-94 season.  (Middlesbrough F.C are already in the list above)


Rotherham County (1919-1925) and Rotherham Town (1893-1896) were BOTH football league clubs as well so that would take the tally to 18.  The two Rotherham clubs merged in 1925 to become Rotherham United.


Scarborough F.C (wound up in 2007) were in the league between 1987 and 1999, they're in the list above already.

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20 minutes ago, Sova said:

You can add Leeds City to the list too.


Nice one Sova.  I make that 19 then (so far)


This is an interesting read:

Leeds City's whole league career was in the Second Division. However, during the First World War the club won several wartime honours under the stewardship of Herbert Chapman. Following the conclusion of the war a scandal ensued and the club was accused of financial irregularities, including breaking the ban on paying players during the war, that led to the club's dissolution in 1919. They were expelled from The Football League eight games into the 1919–20 season. The harsh punishment was handed down mostly because of the behaviour of the club's directors, who refused to co-operate in an FA inquiry, and refused to hand over the club's financial records.





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