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They don’t know how lucky they are that they don’t have to do a ‘lap of shame’ around the Hillsborough pitch after that embarrassment of a season

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1 minute ago, Owly Mowly said:

Really struggling to pick someone out.

Murphy was poor first half of season. 
I would probably go for Bannan 

Bannan has been shocking...needs to go

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14 minutes ago, Andrew_Owl said:

Reyt now that shower has finished for 

however long, wont be long enough. Who was our player of the season? Iorfa? Borner? Fox, Palmer and Murphy all probably deserve a mention but not as much as Julian and Dominic. 


Cancelled it this season through lack of contenders. 

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1st half of the season - Iorfa

2nd half of the season - Murphy


With the amount of goals shipped since Christmas there’s no hiding place for our defence and would be ludicrous if he got any award. 


In terms of consistency, It has to be fletcher and he’s missed quite a few games, says it all really

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1. Iorfa

2. Murphy

3. Bannan


Fletcher gets expunged for me based on the fact he abandoned the team to look after himself when we needed him the most


Its his right and I can understand it too. But you don’t make a POTS shortlist for that kind of caper

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20 minutes ago, SiJ said:

No one. 


They can all f off.


Honestly, in the second part of this season, these *professionals* have produced moments/performances that a Sunday Pub League side would be embarrassed by.


Bo11ocks to the lot of them.


Hallefuckinglujah to that!

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Fletcher had by far the most effective impact despite not playing for much more than half a season.

Murphy was positive and fulll of effort 2nd half of the season.

Iorfa for all his ability makes way too many simple costly mistakes. 

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8 minutes ago, Andrew_Owl said:

I'll be honest I forgot about Fletcher 

Flook Fletcher 

I would rather vote for Attde 

committing to The extra  month instead of getting his flip flops on 

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Kieran Lee for three reasons.

1. consistency of performance.

2. monumental return given the major hip operations.

3. unlike Fletcher, he stayed after the end of his contract to see things through to the end. 

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