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3 minutes ago, oldishowl said:

So when you say there is “ no guarantee “ what you actually mean is the points deduction could still happen this season, especially as the league could be under threat of legal action if they don’t apply it this season.


And as we don’t know how many points we might get , or not, any scenario is still possible.

Not if the end of season AGM has taken place...and if we have been found guilty and appeal it will be the second week in august before they can convene an appeal and I'm sure that our QC will know the timescale and be prepared for that. Or, as many people on here seem to be hoping we'll get a points deduction that will relegate us and will just roll over without appealing...don't hold your breath on that one

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if we were replacing Monk this should have been done weeks ago.


Lets not end up manager-less all summer with a squad that the new person might not want come match 1.



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What do you expect him to say? If he says in a press conference it’s a meaningless game it gives the players a license to not put a shift in (queue the jokes they don’t anyway).


Do you really believe that he hasn’t got a plan in place with regards to who he wants to stay at the club and potential targets?

There will be a lot of work going on behind the scenes. I suspect we have a list of targets drawn up whether that’s down to Monk, the recruitment team or a combination of both.


I think it’s pretty clear those out of contract know where they stand too. For example those on short term deals I’m 99% sure will be leaving the club, otherwise they would have just signed a 1 year extension when Pelupessy, Penney etc. did.

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Steve Bruce's recruitment team did a reasonable job last summer.


None of the players recruited kicked a ball in anger for Bruce.


They have played for Bullen and then Monk.


So I do not see it as a problem if Monk is foired tomorrow or shortly after.


He is not a quality manager so we need to be rid of him  (70% on the Owlstalkj poll agreed).

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