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LINEUP - Here's how The Owls line up today

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20 minutes ago, theowlsman said:

Really pleased that Palmer, Murphy and Wickham are being rested.

I thought Wickham had had his rest - how long does he need ?

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Murphy has been great recently so unless injured a mistake for me. He has to play Da Cruz as Monk brought him in and wants him to get that first goal to boost confidence whilst Murphy's confidence is lowered. Good attacking bench but hope not needed cos being battered.

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Wigan are now 15 points clear of bottom 3 we need 3 points today and possible against Middlesbrough too.


Win today result go out way 14 points clear of bottom 3 I think we should be ok with that.


Cannot be bothered to comment on line up as other than Murphy none of them are a goal threat. WIckham, Rhodes or Nuihu should be starting, his line up become more and of a joke.

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