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Fulham -V- Wednesday OMDT

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For all the Monk supporters out there.


Can you justify the amount of first half capitulations?

The amount of 5-0 defeats?

The free scoring home form with the magnificent 2 first half goals scored?

His fantastic, effervescent and warm personality and the free flowing football that makes that the great Brazil side of the 1980s look like Bassett’s Wimbledon?

If you can then fair play 🤗

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1 minute ago, Andrew_Owl said:

Not really, if a business was underperforming the manager would get rid of its staff that was doing poor and bring better ones in, it's a bit trickier in football. 



If a business was underperforming with staff that were performing under a manager previous E.G Steve Bruce. That manager would be shown the door, and gladly.


I cannot fathom the defiance for Monk

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Just now, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:


This is the thing, isn't it?


We're miles off the quality of the better Championship sides after several years of mismanagement.


Would any of our players get near Fulham's starting eleven?

Nope. We’ve got chronically worse as a team. It’s actually quite frightening how the squad has been destroyed.

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