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Guy listens to OK Computer for first time

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Start of video: "I'm afraid I'm not going to like it"

One hour in: (crying) "This is one of the greatest moments of my life"


Lockdown video, bit long but interesting experiment.  Never forget your first OKC listen.




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15 minutes ago, alanharper said:

Is this what Neil did in his hotel in Blackpool?


My tears were of pain and joy at the massive poo I did

(I've never heard Ok Computer - I'm not old enough to appreciate it - you have to be 65+ years to enjoy that kind of thing)

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Owlstalk Shop




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What a great video. Really enjoyed that. 


I'm not a huge Radiohead fan, but that album absolutely is a masterpiece and in my top albums of all time.



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On 21/10/2020 at 11:10, acquiescefc said:

Personal choices i guess.  Maybe youre trying too hard to like it.


Ive only ever sold one album i didnt like to rebuy it 10 years later and re-like it.  Ultrasound  - Everything Picture.  

I absolutely love that album -  fantastic record.



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Hated Radiohead.


Something clicked 6 onths ago when I heard Fake Plastic Trees.


Haven't stopped listening since.


My biggest change of opinion since calling all IPA puddle water tasting poo .

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Exceptionally mild story time:


My stepdad lost 2 copies of OK Computer, and accused Anna of stealing them. Regardless of the fact that she hates Radiohead, we actually have nothing capable of playing CDs so it would have been a very strange theft. 


As a joke this past Christmas, we bought him a new copy. Bought online from Amazon, turned up fine. Left it with them before christmas day and thought nothing of it. 


A few days after Christmas, we get a message saying something like 'Ha ha very funny, how did you manage that?'


Turns out his sealed and apparently all official and legit copy of OK Computer had a Take That CD inside the case.


Nothing to do with us, but he's convinced we somehow swapped it out and resealed the packaging.


Which is sad because it actually would have been a much better present that way. 

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