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Man of the match  

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  1. 1. Your man of the match

    • Wildsmith
    • Odubajo
    • Harris
    • Lees
    • Iorfa
    • Borner
    • Hunt
    • Bannan
    • Windass
    • Da Cruz
    • Luongo
    • Murphy
    • Pelupessy
    • Nuhiu
    • Shaw

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Only one option.  If anyone doesn’t vote for Windass I’m windmilling them. 

Murphy second. 

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Thought Luongo was outstanding and therefore my MOTM


Bannan, Windass, Lees, Iorfa and Börner very good


Da Cruz, Odubajo, Harris, Wildsmith were decent enough


Thought Hunt struggled a bit


 Very good alround performance 

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So many contenders ... Performance of the season for me.


Went for Iorfa but could have been any of the others.


Front line very mobile and dangerous with Da Cruz n Windass


Solid in midfield and back 3 were outstanding

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Could have been any of back three, Luongo, Bannan, Harris, Windass, Da Cruz.... very good performance today and 5/6 goals scored and I’d have still been thinking we could have had more! 

I hope we can get a few more performances with majority of team in with shout of MoM. 

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1 minute ago, NewquayOwl said:

Voted Harris for his work rate but hope Da Cruz gets a good showing


Both wing backs worked their nuts off today

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Absolutely superb performance. Up there with the Forest and Boro games and maybe even better.


Wildsmith 7 nothing really to do but alert all game

Odubajo 8 best game in an Owls shirt. Battled and looked decent going forward.

Iorfa 8 colossus and a well taken goal

Lees 8 excellent come back. Hope it’s nothing serious why he went off

Borner 7 solid

Harris 8 MOM outstanding work rate. Is surprisingly a decent defender too

Hunt 7 did well and kept his head after booking

Bannan 8 controlled the game

Luongo 8 outstanding work rate and unlucky with shot against post
Da Cruz 7 assist from corner again. Played well but is awful in front of goal 

Windass 7.5 want to go higher but missed two sitters. Could be awesome with Wickham


Murphy 7.5 great goal. I’ve wanted is to try him there for a while

Pelupessy 7 did well for a change 

Shaw 6 solid enough debut

Nuhiu 7 these games are perfect for him


Monk 9 I’m not a fan but got the tactics spot on today. They were so slow at the back and Da Cruz and Windass exploited the space. Got his subs right too for a change. 

One happy bunny tonight!!

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Good all round performance, good to see the young lads given a chance. Best games for Moses and Harris.

Must sign Windass and hope to get Murphy back next season

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Wildsmith - 7 - no difficult saves but rushed off his line twice to good effect

Iorfa - 8 - solid at the back and lovely finish for the first goal

Lees - 7 - some good blocks and headers won, one dodgy backpass that he got away with

Borner - 7 - highlight was when he burst through the centre then mistook Bannan for Usain Bolt with his through ball then fell over

Odubajo - 8 - his best game for us? Great work rate and less of the grappling off the ball

Harris - 9 - I agree with Mark Crossley for MoM, perhaps his best position is as a more defensive player? Work rate, gave us good balance and won so many one-on-ones with their attackers 

Bannan - 8 - kept everything ticking over, lovely weighted ball for the third

Hunt - 7 - tidy enough and decent tactical foul on Eze (who was quieter than usual)

Luongo - 8 - Great strike to set up first goal, flick on for second and bursting beyond their midfield throughout

Windass - 8 - Love his energy and bursting runs, a bit wasteful at times - the one-on-one, another shooting opportunity, a pass he put half a yard behind Da Cruz - but gets credit for creating a lot of these chances himself

Da Cruz - 7 - Still don't know what to make of him, moments of quality, but seems to lack composure at other times. Both him and Windass won't get to play against a slower, higher line all season. Will give him credit for the wickedly inswinging corner for goal 2 and the chance he put on a plate for Windass



Murphy - 9 - Gets better and better, quality goal, almost set up Nuhiu for another, wonder if we can get him for another year?

Pelupessy - 7 - Gave us a bit of extra legs in the middle when we were tiring

Nuhiu - 7 - Almost his 6th injury time goal in a row, but the ball had just gone out

Shaw - 7 - Didn't really notice him, good to bring a young player on from a position of strength

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Harris was the best of a really good bunch today.


He did a lot of tracking back and tackling which isn't spectacular but it wins matches like these.


Nobody had a poor game, either. Everyone improved on midweek.

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I really don't get this I pick Dave every week for fun, but somebody always vote's with me, am I being trolled or

is there some nutter that actually think's he is MOM, weird.

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